Lavender Earl Grey


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      Ceylon black tea with natural oil of Bergamot (Comes blended with blue cornflower blossoms or dried orange peel) and culinary grade Royal Velvet Lavender. Contains caffeine.

      About Lavender Earl Grey – Naturally Flavored Black Tea
      Earl Grey is considered a standard, one of the most common (yet exciting) teas in the Western world. Many equate Earl Grey with black tea, in general, but actually, it is a blend of black teas flavored with the essential oil of Bergamot, a pear-shaped Mediterranean citrus fruit. It was first introduced to England by Earl Charles Grey in the mid-1800s. As of late, it has been fashionable to add lavender blossoms to Earl Grey, and the flavors marry quite nicely. We use a Washington State, organically grown culinary grade lavender in all of our lavender blends. We chose this variety for its exquisitely smooth flavor and aroma as well as the vibrant purple buds it produces.

      A Few Words On Taste
      Brisk black tea with natural Bergamot and lavender. Citrus and floral with a mellow lavender aroma and flavor. It brews a medium-bodied liquor.

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