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      The savory toasted rice aroma is accented by the slightly herbaceous quality of green tea. Full-bodied and smooth liquor with the well-balanced flavors of bancha green tea, toasted rice and matcha (which gives fruit to the finish). It is an excellent evening tea that goes great with a meal or directly following one.

      About Genmaicha with Matcha - Japanese Green Tea
      Genmaicha is a Japanese bancha green tea blended with toasted and popped rice. There are many stories about how this tea came into existence. One is about the relationship between a samurai and his servant. The servant’s alleged name was Genmai and while bringing his master a cup of tea a few grains of rice accidentally dropped from his pocket into the tea as he was bowing. The samurai, enraged, cut off his head. He then tried the tea and was pleasantly surprised by the magnificent flavor and quality the rice gave to the tea. He named the tea in honor of his servant and insisted that everyone in his village drink Genmai tea in the evenings. 

      Another concerns a practice invented by housewives who did not want to waste the rice that was stuck to the bottom of the rice pot after cooking and desired to get more “tea” from fewer tea leaves. Story has it that they would make the evening tea with the water that was boiled in the rice pan with the browned rice still stuck to the bottom.

      Regardless of its origins we have selected this tasty Japanese blend of bancha green tea, toasted and popped rice, and matcha. The bancha is made in Shizuoka and the matcha is grown and manufactured in Nishio, Aichi prefecture.

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