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      The dark emerald green leaves brew a cup the color of bright green jade. The vegetal and floral aromas combine and tease the nostrils. The taste is at first fresh, then piquant, then it finishes with a lingering floral sweetness in the back of your palate. The liquor has a creamy mouth-feel which awakens and refreshes the taste buds. Please try it first without adding anything, then, if so desired, you may add your favorite natural sweetener.

      About Gyokuro - Japanese Green Tea
      The Uji district outside of Kyoto, Japan is synonymous with superior quality Japanese tea. It is said that this area was first planted with tea by a Zen Buddhist priest in 1221. Gyokuro is one of the most prized harvests from these gardens. It is the first harvest of the spring and 2 weeks before the tea is picked, the bushes are covered with bamboo mats to shade the newly budding leaves. The shade allows the leaf to grow more slowly, therefore, concentrating the polyphenols and caffeine content without increasing tannin content. Only the tips of the most tender buds and leaves are picked. They are immediately steamed to end oxidation, dried and then packaged in vacuum-sealed bags for shipping.

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