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      The amber infusion has an aroma of Muscat grapes, honey, blackberry jam and milk chocolate. The liquor is bright, with a full-bodied mouth-feel and a hint of dryness in the finish. The flavor is complex with notes of oak, Muscat grapes, and milk chocolate. There is an earthy quality to this tea that balances the mix of flavors and creates depth as well. This cup is best enjoyed alone, but if desired, milk and/or a natural sweetener may be added.

      About Imperial English Breakfast - Indian and Chinese Black Tea Blend
      It is a blend of three distinct and unique teas, that when drunk alone is outstanding in flavor and aroma and when blended together create a superior and satisfying pot of black tea. The mix is comprised of a full-leaf, gold-tipped black tea from the Yunnan Province, China (the believed birthplace of tea), an organically grown Autumnal flush Darjeeling, and an organically grown, broken-leaf black tea from Assam, India. All the teas are plucked at the beginning of their seasons ensuring excellent quality and taste.

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