Jasmine Pearls


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      The infusion is light in color and has an aroma of sweet Jasmine. The delicately floral liquor imparts a smooth, well-rounded taste experience to the palate. Try it alone, then add your preferred sweetener if so desired.

      About Jasmine Pearls - Scented Chinese Green Tea

      High in the northern mountains of the Fujian Province of China, the light of a spring dawn reveals the tender leaf bud on the young shoots of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. The leaf bud and first leaf of the shoot are plucked, allowed to wither then rolled and heat-dried. Each individual pearl is hand-rolled and wrapped in rice paper. After the pearl is dried it is stored until the Night Blooming Jasmine blossoms mature, which is in late summer. The blossoms are picked during the day, before the flowers open, mixed with the tea pearls and heaped into a pile. The pile of tea and blossoms are covered with large sheets of rice paper and allowed to sit over night. During the night the blossoms open and the tea pearls absorb their fragrance. In the morning the pearls are separated from the flowers and heat dried to remove any moisture they may have absorbed during the night. This process is repeated at least five times or more. The end result is the most fabulous tea that is unrivaled in flavor and aroma.

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