Organic Dragon Well (Long Jing)


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      The brew is light green, delicate and refreshing. The finish is long and has a note of nuttiness in it. Try it alone, then add your preferred natural sweetener if so desired.

      About Dragon Well - Organically Grown Green Tea
      Dragon Well is one of the most renowned Chinese green teas. True Dragon Well, also known as Lung Ching or Longjing, is grown in the Zhejiang Province in the West Lake area. Tea has been grown in this region since the Tang Dynasty (8th century A.D.). Dragon Well tea is comprised of one leaf and one bud pluckings that are pan-fried immediately after being picked in the early morning during the first flush of the spring season. The process of pan-frying is done twice in small batches. A series of 10 special hand movements are incorporated by the tea master handling the tea in the wok. The result is a beautiful dark green, shiny, flat leaf ready for your gaiwan or teapot. Our Dragon Well is a true, organically grown Dragon Well from the West Lake region of the Zhejiang province.

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