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      The predominant aroma and flavor is a simply delicious and assertive peppermint flavor, a bit spicy, aromatic and invigorating. Below that is a level of complexity imported by the presence of the gunpowder. The light, yet satisfying, sweet and delicate, smoked green tea flavor and aroma come through to make an excellent cup of tea.

      About Moroccan Mint – Organically Grown Blend of Chinese Green Tea and Peppermint

      A traditional tea of the Middle East and North Africa, Moroccan Mint tea is sweetened with copious amounts of honey and served at all meals. It is a blend of Gunpowder green tea and Peppermint.

      Gunpowder tea is comprised of the larger 2nd and 3rd leaves and a bit of tender shoot stem. The pluckings are rolled like an oolong tea, fired then dried. The stem and large leaf constituents give this tea its smooth liquor and lower caffeine content. The name gunpowder comes from its appearance: the nuggets of dried tea resemble gunpowder in shape and color and the tea is known for the pewter-colored sheen on the dark green leaves.

      Peppermint is a small plant that flourishes in temperate regions around the globe and has been used for centuries as a digestive aid. Our peppermint is grown in the Pacific Northwest.

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